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Welcome to Bookworm
Bookworm exterior

Since our opening in 2002, Bookworm has steadily grown into a indispensable stop for travelers in Dali Old Town. We work hard to provide all that you need for making your stay here truly unforgettable. Here you can find all that you need for your travels.
About Bookworm
Inside Dali Old Town, on the first major promenade building inside the venerable walls, Bookworm is in an excellent location to explore the city┬┤s historical center. This location is a comfortable walk from bars, shopping, nightlife and transport links.
Bookworm interior
Bookworm interior Visit Bookworm
Located at No.60 Ren Min Road, Dali Old Town. Bookworm is on the main cross road inside the Old Town. Here you can see authentic Dali life with a local touch. This location is quieter with a more relaxed pace. Close by is the historic city gate where you can enjoy superb views of the surrounding mountainside.

Book Store

Bookworm books Welcome to the best stocked bookstore in Dali. Here you can buy, exchange, sell, or rent any book you like. Choose from a wide selection of books in eight languages. You can browse from new and used books in Chinese, English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Korean and other languages.

Books are available in all genres, fiction, travel guides, biographies, language phrasebooks, what ever your preference, you are certain to see something you like in Bookworm.

You can browse a selection of our titles on this website. Click here for a listing. Many more titles are available in store. Our staff can also custom order many books for you, especially Chinese language titles.
Bookworm books
Bookworm books

Get money for your books
Trade your old books for cash in Bookworm. We offer the best prices in Dali for your used books. You can also exchange or trade used books for new ones. Instead of throwing out books you have already read, bring them to us and we will offer you the best deal on exchange. We accept books in all languages and all conditions. Get cash for your used books, save some money and travel further!

Used books of all varieties are accepted, preference is given for books on topics related to travel. You can exchange for other books, exchange for cash or work out a deal with our staff. We will be happy to accommodate you.
Bookworm books
Bookworm books

Finished with your guidebook?
We offer the best prices in Dali for your used travel guides and magazines. All guide books are accepted, including publications from:
Let's Go
Rough Guide

and many others
Done traveling in China? Bring us your travel guide book and exchange it for one to your new travel destination. We have guide books to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, India, Nepal and many other destinations.
Bookworm books

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To book available rooms, click here to email us. Please tell us your:
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You can also call us at 139-8723-6001.

We look forward to meeting you!

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